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Be well protected in the event of an accident, damage or theft. We are connected to a network of specialized markets based on your insurance needs.


Your home is dear to you, and we understand that insurance coverage available on the market may seem difficult to understand. Let us shop around for you and thereby negotiate the best possible conditions.


If you run a business, your peace of mind is of the utmost importance, and so it would be best not to worry about the consequences of a loss, whether it’s a customer who is injured on your premises or your roof is damaged after a storm. Your Property and Casualty Insurance Broker is able to offer you customized protection, according to the business sector.


Too many people go on vacation thinking that nothing serious can happen to them while they’re away. Unfortunately, a trip prepared well in advance can suddenly turn into a nightmare. Serious injury or even death of a loved one could suddenly shake your travel plans. And if you suddenly fall ill while away? Do not fall into the statistics of those who neglect to purchase travel insurance and end up with high medical costs and non-medical that could ruin you financially.